811 Enhanced Services

Damage Prevention Services

RECONN measures the risk of damage for every 811 ticket received within seconds of receipt. We accomplish this through algorithms customized to consider ticket and historical damage information. Effective dig-site excavator engagement by a qualified team of damage prevention professionals prevents damages. This must be done at the right sites and at the right time (post-locate and pre-dig)

Ticket Risk 

TRA: The Prediction Engine - RECONN can identify the next damage before it occurs by using historical ticket and damage information to identify leading risk factors on a one call ticket. Each one call ticket is scored immediately upon receipt of the ticket, from highest risk to lowest risk.

Damage Prevention Specialists

RECONN's Damage Prevention Specialist Program is geared towards educating and monitoring excavators who frequently violate dig laws, homeowners with limited dig law knowledge, as well as covering excavations near critical facilities

Watch & Protect
on Critical Facilities

Reconn provides qualified field technicians to observe excavation work in the proximity of a facility that meets high profile gas requirements or to protect critical gas and electric distribution facilities.

Cast Iron & Bare Steel Monitoring

RECONN's inspectors perform onsite Cast Iron & Bare Steel Monitoring as necessary until the excavation is complete, our process includes critical documentation & notification process if cast-iron pipe is encroached, undermined and/or bell joint is exposed.