Unlocatable Solution

Unlocatable Facilities

RECONN provides support crews for the repair of unlocatable facilities. Crews excavate by nondestructive means (utilizing hand tools &/or Vacuum Excavation) to gain confirmation on location, depth and direction of the "untoneable" or "un-locatable" underground facilities. RECONN Crews are responsible to complete & distribute documentation specified under our customer's standard operating procedures, such as updating facility prints.

Advanced Locate 
Technician (ALT)

Reconn's highly trained ALT's are qualified to locate utilizing various types of equipment & methods, expose unlocatable underground facilities and capture all necessary facility attributes & GPS location information

Line Locating

Technicians utilize traditional pipe and cable locating equipment with gas line rodder system and unique stuffing box. Gas facilities can be located while still pressurized without the need to disconnect from the gas main.


Our vacuum excavation crews excavate by non-destructive means to gain confirmation on location, depth and direction of the unlocatable underground facilities

Facility Repair

Skilled crews install any required access points such as marker posts, valve boxes & marker-balls and perform all needed maintenance & repair any broken tracer wire


As part of the unlocatable resolution process, Reconn captures and provides all electronic field data which is utilized to update outdated facility records. Data includes new measurements, electronic sketches, pictures/videos, GIS shapefiles, etc.