Safety & Training

Our Core is Safety

Building a culture of safety to protect our employees, our customers and the communities in which we live and work. At Reconn, we believe that your communities are worth protecting, because they're our communities too. We're Reconn. We live here.

Classroom Training

All RECONN, Technicians receive a minimum 40 hours of classroom training, based on utility density. Trainees learn about USIC, our company culture, expectations, and the skills needed to be an efficient RECONN Technician.

On the Job Training

Following in-class training, Trainees enter a structured OJT program. Trainees are paired with experienced Locate Technicians and work in the areas where they will operate. Working with their coach, they will perfect their skills and learn the most up-to-date field techniques to protect infrastructure and the public.

Qualification Process

All Trainees must complete a comprehensive field certification ensuring field proficiency. RECONN selects and trains acceptance certifiers from our most knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians.

A3 Program

This simple 3-step cognitive-based process of Assess, Analyze and Act directly impacts and engages employees in hazard recognition/mitigation techniques and internalizes their own personal values as they approach their daily work tasks.

Monthly Job Brief Observations (JBOs)

Reconn Supervisors conduct monthly JBOs to ensure that the technicians have all the tools required to perform their tasks and to ensure that they are in good working order. It's also a time where an employee can demonstrate to their supervisor how to safely perform his or her job.

Driver Scorecards

GPS Tracking Devices are connected to the vehicle to monitor driver behaviors associated with Acceleration, Deceleration, Speeding, & unauthorized use to ensure that our drivers are operating the company vehicle professionally and courteously for the safety of the general public and themselves.

Fleet Defense Program

Every Reconn technician is enrolled in computer based, daily, driver training for the first seven weeks of employment that is catered directly to the individual's strengths and weaknesses behind the wheel. After the initial 7 weeks, every employee continues to receive monthly training to reinforce the skills that keep our employees and members of the public safe.

Leading & Lagging Indicator Program

Every RECONN supervisor and manager has access to a dashboard that measures both leading and lagging indicators where they can see how their team is performing based on prior year performance, as well as other groups within RECONN.

Lessons Learned Program

All significant incidents reported to the safety department undergo a root cause investigation with the supervisor, manager, EHS, and the technician. These investigations are to prevent any future incidents from occurring and are shared with our clients when a mitigation is discovered. It helps all of our teammates return home in the same condition that they left.

Annual Refresher Training

All RECONN Technicians will receive annual and ongoing training to build their knowledge and skills.