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Safety & Training

Safety & Training


RECONN: Our Core Is Safety


Why: We Live Here

We live, work and play in your community, because it’s our community too. Our families, our loved ones, our friends, and our clients live here. We believe in protecting what we love. We protect these things through reliable service and accurate performance. We do this every time to keep our communities safe. After all, our kids go to school with your kids. At Reconn, we are the company that protects the safety of the utility assets in our communities. Whether it’s locating your electric or gas lines so you can safely build that addition you always wanted or making sure your kids stay away from power lines after a storm, we are the experts you rely on. At Reconn, we believe that your communities are worth protecting, because they’re our communities too. We’re Reconn. We live here.

  • Our Clients

    Inspect, correct, protect and respect issues with infrastructure.

  • Our Communities

    Our work helps to protect our communities.

  • Our Families

    We protect our families as well as yours.

  • Ourselves

    We protect ourselves so we can continue to protect the things we love.

Always assess for hazards when you first arrive (and whenever conditions change) to understand what can hurt you! Always analyze options to determine the safest alternative to understand how to protect yourself! Once a hazard is identified and the safest alternative is selected, you have to act on it by sticking to the PLAN!

How: A3 Program

The A3 Program explains how we do what we do to achieve World Class Safety. This simple 3-step cognitive-based process of Assess, Analyze and Act directly impacts and engages employees in hazard recognition/mitigation techniques and internalizes their own personal values as they approach their daily work tasks.


What: Continued Learning

We have weekly tailgate meetings to discuss the hazards we see in the field. Both newer and seasoned employees are encouraged to learn from one another so that every task can be done in the safest and most efficient manner. We capture hazards in the field through field data collection software that is easy to use for the technician, and extremely helpful to the other employees.

  • Respect

    Life and property.

  • Inspect

    Gas lines, gas leak detection, stray voltage.

  • Correct

    Vacuum Excavation, Installation.

  • Protect


USIC Training Process

  1. 1 In Class
  2. 2 On the Job Training
  3. 3 Certification Process
  4. 4 Qualified Technician
  5. 5 Continued Education

In Class

All RECONN, Technicians receive a minimum 40 hours of classroom training, based on utility density. Trainees learn about USIC, our company culture, expectations, and the skills needed to be an efficient RECONN Technician.


On the Job Training

Following in-class training, Trainees enter a structured OJT program. Trainees are paired with experienced Locate Technicians and work in the areas where they will operate. Working with their coach, they will perfect their skills and learn the most up-to-date field techniques to protect infrastructure and the public.


Certification Process

All Trainees must complete a comprehensive field certification ensuring field proficiency. RECONN selects and trains acceptance certifiers from our most knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians.


Qualified Technician

RECONN Technicians are specifically trained to meet their customer needs. This includes specialized, utility-specific training, developed in partnership with USIC customers and Operator Qualifications, where required.


Continued Education

All RECONN Technicians will receive annual and ongoing training to build their knowledge and skills.

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We are always looking for people who aspire to serve their communities, value quality work, prioritize safety, enjoy solving problems and love being outdoors. If you are a quality conscious, hard-working individual who loves working outdoors, then you should consider a career at ReconnUS!

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