Water Maintenance Services

Water Maintenance Services

With increased regulatory presence in today's environment and more focus on safety-related inspections & construction, RECONN has partnered with our clients to provide compliance driven outsourced utility services, geared towards meeting regulatory requirements and deadlines.

Lead Pipe Investigation

Reconn offers Lead Pipe Investigation Services to our clients in support of the lead pipe replacement program where any customer-owned lead service lines are replaced with a copper service line

Smart Meter Upgrades

Are your existing meters approaching the end of their projected lifespan? Reconn performs smart meter upgrades to new digital meters which wirelessly provide secure, two-way communication between the meter and customer

Leak Response & Investigation

Utilizing acoustic leak detection equipment, Reconn performs detecting and locating of pipeline leaks as a result of leaks and/or cracks in pipes and their fittings

Valve Inspection & Maintenance

Reconn performs various Valve Inspection & Maintenance Services including, but not limited to locating, identifying, exercising/keyable, cleanouts & repair (regrading, replacement, conversions, etc.). In addition, Reconn performs Hydrant locating, painting & asset inventory services

GIS Mapping

Utilizing a highly accurate GNSS system with integrated utility locate receiver, our crews capture and collect precise GPS location information and facility attribute characteristics of newly installed and legacy gas facilities

Unlocatable Solution

Our vacuum excavation crews excavate by non-destructive means to gain confirmation on location, depth and direction of the unlocatable underground facilities