Inspection & Maintenance Services

Protect & Maintain Your Gas Infrastructure

    With increased regulatory presence in today's environment and more focus on safety-related inspections & construction, RECONN has partnered with our clients to provide compliance driven outsourced utility services, geared towards meeting regulatory requirements and deadlines.

Meter & Service 
Line Inspection

RECONN provides qualified technicians to perform atmospheric corrosion inspections and leakage survey of exposed service piping & meters

Gas Leakage 

RECONN performs walking and mobile gas leak surveys utilizing state of the art equipment and advanced technology

3rd Party 

RECONN's specializes in the inspection of fusion joints in plastic pipe and collection of tracking and traceability data for newly installed gas distribution assets


Save time and money by utilizing RECONN's Vacuum Excavation services. Vacuum excavation offers a safe, precise and productive method for excavation in congested areas of underground infrastructure


RECONN utilizes vacuum excavation methods to expose the gas main and install cathodic protection devices for pipe corrosion control

Marker Replacement

Pipeline markers are critical in identifying the location of buried pipeline(s) and assist in preventing third party damage by excavators. RECONN provides pipeline marker replacement & maintenance services, certifying compliance with required DOT regulations


RECONN helps utilities reduce revenue losses by delivering service disconnection notices, performing service shut-offs for non-payment and reporting evidence of customer fraud or theft

Smart Meter 

Are your existing gas meters approaching the end of their projected lifespan? Reconn performs smart meter upgrades to new digital meters which wirelessly provide secure, two-way communication between the meter and customer

Support Services

By locating the utility's precise horizontal and vertical position, our clients can eliminate potential damage and safety hazards during construction, and avoid unnecessary and costly utility relocations.


RECONN offers Work Contingency Planning & Field Support Services assisting customers to meet deadlines or when urgent resources are needed for a short duration